Legal Counseling, Transaction and Dispute Resolution Services for Owners, Developers, Construction Managers, General Contracting Firms, Design Professionals and Trade Contractors

Since July 1, 1993, Rea & Associates, LLC has offered legal counseling, transactual and dispute resolution services to our clients in the design, construction, real estate and commercial industries. Our mission and purpose is to provide first rate service and cost-effective legal solutions to achieve our clients’ practical business objectives.

Construction Law

Concentrating in both contract formation/negotiation and all facets of litigation, arbitration, mediation and other methods of dispute resolution, including preparation, filing and enforcement of mechanic’s/construction lien claims.

Commercial Law

Highly experienced in all aspects of transactions and dispute resolution with respect to commercial matters involving all types and sizes of business entities operating in the New York Metropolitan area.

Real Estate Law

Handle transactions involving the purchase/sale/leasing of residential and commercial properties, as well as dispute resolution proceedings involving all interests touching upon real estate.

Corporate/Partnership/LLC Law

Specializing in formation of corporate, partnership and LLC entities, drafting and negotiating shareholder/partnership/operating agreements and handle transactions involving the purchase, sale, merger, licensing or other hypothecation of corporate or partnership interests and/or assets.

Employment Law

Drafting and/or negotiation of employment agreements and employment termination/severance agreements, as well as handle dispute resolution proceedings involving claims (or defense against claims) for wrongful discharge, hostile work environment, sexual harassment, violations of the Whistleblowers’s Statute (NJ CEPA) and any discriminatory employment practices prohibited under applicable federal and/or state law.


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